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Western Garden Neighbourhood Elderly Centre


About Us
Western Garden Social Centre for the Elderly was established in March 1990, and was upgraded to a Neighborhood Elderly Centre in October 2014.  It provides a wide spectrum of high quality services to the elders, carers and residents living in the Central and Western District.  According to the specific features of the district, we offer different varieties of functional groups and comprehensive services to our target groups to enable elderly persons to remain in the community, to build good social network and to lead a healthy, respectful and dignified life.  

Meanwhile, we actively promote and encourage volunteering of older people and general public through establishing different volunteer teams, e.g. women volunteer team and elderly volunteer team, so as to enhance their positive and contributing role to the society.  WGE also collaborates with community partners in building a caring community for the elders. 

戶外旅遊 耆義聯盟 歡樂聚餐

Scope of Service

Health education

  • To promote healthy lifestyle and positive attitude through health education activities.

Educational and developmental activities

  • To help the elders acquiring up-to-date information through group activities in order to fulfill the spirit of life- long learning.  

Provision of information on Community resources

  • To provide extended services and help elders in need to build community network, to get appropriate support and services.

Volunteer development

  • To encourage elders to participate in volunteer services for society so as to actualize the spirit of “productive ageing”.

Carer support and needy carer outreach services

  • To help carers releasing their stress on looking after the elderly by establishing supporting network, offering practical training on skill and emotional management and providing rehabilitation equipment borrowing service.

Dementia care support services

  • Organizing specially designed groups and cognitive training activities for the elderly with cognitive impairment, providing support to their families and to increase public awareness of dementia through public education.

Counselling and referral services

  • Offering suitable counselling and support to the elders and caregivers by eligible social workers, helping them to ease their living and emotional problems. 

Reaching out and networking

  • To identify elders in need through out-reaching and networking so as to provide suitable service and necessary support to them.

Social and recreational activities

  • To build peer support network for the elders so that they can enjoy the happiness of sharing and get mutual support.

Long term care services

  • To offer evaluation, follow-up and case referral to those elders in need. 


Target Group

  • Senior citizens aged 60 or above are welcome to join as member
  • Carers
  • The community at large

Member Application Procedures

  • Please come in person with your ID Card and pay the annual membership fee.  The membership could be renewed after expiration.  

Withdrawal Procedures

  • The membership can be withdrawn voluntarily at any time.  Withdrawal shall take effect by returning of Membership Card.  Membership fee are not refundable.




Contact Us

Telephone: (852)2546 4212
Fax:             (852)2548 8730
Contact Email: wge@avs.org.hk
Address: Ground Floor, Western Garden, 82 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
No Service on Sundays and Public Holidays