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Project Leader (IT) (1 year contract) 

AVS is seeking an experienced Project Leader to lead and support internal users to navigate the IT Project development and change process and to ensure successful implementation of the Project.

Key responsibilities:
  1. To support the Project Manager to ensure the project deliverables fulfill the functional requirements set out in the design documents;
  2. To undertake preparatory work including data cleansing and mapping to facilitate the data conversion and migration process;
  3. In collaboration with the Business Analyst, to prepare the test plans and to carry out User Acceptance Tests;
  4. After having attended the train-the-trainers workshops conducted by the system implementer, to build capacity of other users (staff and volunteers) in adapting to the new system;
  5. To maintain close working relationships with internal and external stakeholders including other user departments, system implementer, website developer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, etc.
  6. To carry out other duties as appropriate.
Qualification requirements:
  1. University graduate from IT, Business, Marketing or other relevant disciplines with 3 to 5 years of work experience;
  2. Prior experience as either an advanced user or project implementer of MS Dynamics CRM system;
  3. Good analytical and problem solving skills;
  4. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
Location: Sai Ying Pun  
We offer 1-year contract with 5-day week & competitive remuneration, with possibility of extension subject to project needs and funding availability. Interested parties please email full resume with present & expected salary and available date to hr@avs.org.hk. (Information provided will be used strictly for recruitment purpose only and will be destroyed after completion of the recruitment process)
主任 (香港義工學院)【編號︰O (IoV)】 

職 責︰
  1. 協助設計、評估需要、執行學院之量身設計培訓課程,並開拓市場和增加合作機會
  2. 負責管理及發展義務培訓員團隊
  3. 執行機構義務工作政策,組織及管理義工參與服務
  1. 持認可文憑、大學學位或同等學歷
  2. 具2年或以上培訓及義務工作經驗
  3. 曾組織義工服務項目者優先
  4. 具組織能力、成熟、良好人際關係及溝通技巧
  5. 流利中英文(包括普通話)
  6. 具良好應用資訊科技能力 (Windows, MS Office, Internet)
合 約 期︰2年(約滿可續,視乎資源及工作表現)

註冊社工(長者服務)【編號︰RSW (WGE)】

職 責︰
  1. 為認知障礙症長者及護老者提供服務,包括個案管理、策劃及推行小組、社區教育及大型活動
  2. 為長者 / 護老者提供訓練及支援服務
  3. 策劃、管理及推行義工服務及個案工作
  4. 聯繫會員及社區團體/組織,及負責上級指派的其他職務
  5. 協助長者服務經理策劃及推行中心的服務和活動

  1. 註冊社工,持認可社工文憑/副學士或同等學歷
  2. 中、英語文能力良好
  3. 具良好應用資訊科技能力 (Windows, MS Office, Internet)
  4. 具團隊精神、責任感,能獨立工作及面對壓力和挑戰
  5. 具長者服務經驗或有長者健康及家居護理評估員資格優先考慮
工作時間: 基本每週五天半工作,須外勤、假日及超時工作(可獲補假)
工作地點︰ 西營盤
合 約 期︰ 2年(約滿可續,視乎資源及工作表現)