Everyone Volunteer, Act Now!


The 5th of December is the International Volunteer Day (IVD) proclaimed by the United Nations to promote volunteerism, and to encourage governments and organizations to pay tribute to volunteers in recognition of their contributions to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Since 1992, AVS has been celebrating the IVD annually to show appreciation to volunteers, and to encourage more aspiring ones to adopt the volunteering way of life.
This year, the popular male group MIRROR from Hong Kong actively supports the promotion of volunteerism. Starting from 1 December 2023, promotional videos and posters with the theme "Everyone Volunteer" will be launched and featured on AVS social media platforms, bus bodies, and bus shelters in busy areas of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The objective is encouraging citizens, particularly young people, to volunteer and contribute to society.


You are welcome to participate in the following activities to spread the spirit of volunteerism. Please visit our social media platforms to get the latest information.
「Catch MIRROR's Journey of Volunteering」
The popular male group MIRROR actively supports volunteering! Promotional posters and videos have landed across Hong Kong! Take action now and join MIRROR on their journey of volunteering, embarking on a check-in tour!
To participate, share a photo that includes yourself or your support items for MIRROR, along with AVS x MIRROR outdoor promotional items (including bus exteriors, bus interior TVs, and bus stop lightbox ads) in the "comment section" of the designated post. Participants will receive a commemorative gift.
Campaign Period :Now to 22 December 2023
Sharing Your Volunteer Story
In the designated AVS FB posts comment area, share your most sincere, memorable or first-time volunteer experience in the text and send us the screenshot photo of your story by FB inbox. Participants will receive a souvenir.
Campaign date:From now until 3 December (Expired)
Voting for “Most Sincere Volunteering Story” and “My Favorite First-time Volunteering Experience Story
“Most Sincere Volunteering Story”
A panel of judges will select the "Most Sincere Volunteering Story", and a souvenir will be given to a winner.
“My Favorite First-time Volunteering experience story” Election
Voting will be open to the public to select “My Favorite First-time Volunteering Experience Story”. (More details will be announced on the AVS FB page later, follow us now!)
Voting Period:4 to 10 December 2023
Thanks for the supporting and the voting results will be announced on Facebook on December 20, 2023.
Join us in promoting IVD
  • by displaying the IVD poster and uploading it to your website.
  • by hosting the IVD web banner on your website.
  • by sharing the IVD poster or promotional video on social media platforms.
"Thank You Volunteers Campaign" Volunteer Recognition Programme
With full support by Maxim's Group, the "Thank You Volunteers Campaign" Volunteer Recognition Programme was launched to promote volunteerism and to encourage the public to pay tribute to volunteers in recognition of their contributions.  
Volunteers visit over 550 designated Chinese, Western, and Japanese restaurants, fast food restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops to make designated purchases under Maxim's Group by presenting an electronic poster that shall enjoy exciting privileges that rotate every Thursday.
Campaign Period: 2 November to 15 December 2023
The promotion offer period has ended, thank you for your support!
Download the Care and Encouragement Series Stickers
A set of 20 care and encouragement series stickers (available on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram) have been launched; let’s send them to your family and friends!

You are welcome to download, host and share the IVD 2023 promotional materials or share to your organization's website and social media platforms, link to http://www.avs.org.hk to promote the IVD and salute to all volunteers. If a specific size is required, please email the details to frp@avs.org.hk.
Promotional Material on Social Media
Web Banner

Thanks to media, organizations and corporations supporting IVD and recognizing volunteers' contributions.
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